Users can even upload status, which is very similar to a Snapchat story. However, you won’t find face filters or any other video effects like Snapchat. On this app, you can make short videos within various niches like comedy, beauty, cooking, dancing, etc. There are so many innovative face filter options, stickers, and effects on the snap.

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Sharing text messages, videos, and photos with friends and family has never been easier. It's a cloud-based service, meaning that it stores all your data on its cloud servers. That allows users to access the platform from whichever part of the globe.

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With TikTok, you can post a video, hop on the latest viral trend, or start your own. As long as your content is creative enough, you can become an influencer and even earn money along the way. Snow is also on our list of the best filter apps like Snapchat.

Slingshot by Facebook, launched in 2014, was another product owned by the firm to give competition to Snapchat. The app would let you draw or annotate on photos and videos and send them to your contacts. Slingshot, like Snapchat, also lets you send self-destructing photos and videos to users.

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Self-destructing content is a custom feature of the Snapchat app that helped it become so popular among teenagers as well as college students. As you know that there are like millions of applications available on Play Store and iTunes right now. Each one are so amazing that on some point another app like snapchat of life, they are going to make it a bit better than before. I am sure you would have surely liked this section of apps like Snapchat as they are something we talk less about. You can call it kind of photo studio too and trust me you are gonna love using this app called Face Swap.

another app like snapchat

The app has great security features that show just how much it values your user privacy and data. Besides Snapchat, several alternatives exist such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber and others. Not only do you get plenty of features on Wickr Me but it keeps user privacy on top, something that users invariably want from a messaging app. If you are looking for a Snapchat filter alternative, then YouCam Perfect is the perfect app for you. It is a face filter app with tons of filters, and beauty effects and has an amazing photo editing interface. If you are looking for a Snapchat alternative that is not a mainstream social media app, you should definitely consider Wickr Me.

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You can either choose the ‘reshoot’ option if your photograph or video isn’t what you expected. The second option is draw which means you’re fine with your output and you’re ready to edit it and send. Thanks to its lean design, Telegram is extremely easy to use.

  • To take pictures or videos, simply touch a part of the screen, and you’re done.
  • But, above all, I would recommend this app for the group video chat as it is just phenomenal.
  • Try most, if not all, of them then from there you can decide on the ones that suit you best.
  • Lots of filters, special effects, text captions, and other editing tools are available for free.
  • You can use it to snap various media and edit those on the spot.
  • Snapchat is a mobile multimedia app famous for the disappearance of messages immediately after the recipient has seen them.

Kik is an instant messaging app that is very similar to that TikTok. You don’t need any phone number to register yourself on this app. The user demographic of this app is mainly years, so if you are looking for a youth-centric messaging app, Kik is the one for you.

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Messenger is just like texting, but you don't have to pay for every message . Despite tight deadlines, we managed to implement the critical features after just three months. Next, the app uses these points to coordinate and adjust a mesh, a 3D mask that the user can shift and scale with a face.

another app like snapchat

As far as the chats are concerned, it is also capable of amazing texting and media sharing options too. So, fun boomerang videos will be played with the pictures. Yet another wonderful app is B612 and it is an amazing application that is used for taking instant selfies.

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And with its location-based chat rooms, you’ll be able to meet and make new friends. In addition, Instagram also allows users to link their photos to their profiles using hashtags. If you’re looking for a fun app that includes all the Snapchat offerings and much more, Instagram is a great option. The Snapchat alternative comes with some great features for sharing content privately. For instance, it offers Masked Photos encrypted with military-grade 256-bit encryption.