Accounting Software: Xero Webinar

James leads the inbound movement in Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand with a mission of helping businesses grow better by transforming the way they market and sell to match the way modern humans want to buy. He regularly speaks at industry events around Asia Pacific, and is often approached to share his expertise on small business growth. His happy place, however, is deep in a spreadsheet, coming up with insights that will drive growth for HubSpot. In this video, we show you how Landlord Studio and Xero can be used together to create a seamless client experience, helping your clients reduce financial tracking errors and providing you the information you need when you need it. ➡️ To find an ecommerce accountant or bookkeeper,check out the A2X Directory.

Accounting Software: Xero Webinar

Discover how A2X can automatically take all of your accounting pain away. The reason why you might not want to go full accrual is that it does take more effort and more time. And the administrative effort just may not be necessary for what you look at and how you make decisions.

Pros to using the cash method

The biggest challenge is that the revenue is not necessarily being recognized in the period that it occurred, and it doesn’t match up to the COGS to that same period. You can slice the ‘less risk” pie in a multitude of ways. But knowing what your profitability looks like on a month-to-month basis, helps you better plan for the future, helps you avoid pitfalls.

But if you are interested, we’re more than happy to give you a specific demo of A2X, we can include that in the follow up if you’re interested in seeing how A2X works. The purpose of today was that we really wanted to dive into Accounting Software: Xero Webinar that cash vs. accrual vs. modified, but we’re always more than happy to give you more information about A2X as well. The cash method doesn’t give you the line of sight and the visibility that you need but it’s super simple.

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Download our free checklist to get all of the essential ecommerce bookkeeping processes you need every week, month, quarter, and year. Mike Eastwood is the founder of Webalite – a HubSpot Partner Agency based in Wellington, New Zealand. After building hundreds of websites over the last couple of decades Mike had a B.F.O. ... "Nobody really wants a website. What they really want is more traffic, more leads and more of the right type of customer".

  • And then last but not least, if you’re still kind of early in your journey and you want to learn a little bit more, the A2X website has a ton of resources available to you to help you continue down this path, so please take a look.
  • And, as to the middle point, many businesses are using the cash-based method, which is not giving them the best information for managing their business for growth—for understanding profitability.
  • And what we showed today, particularly on that slide Amy where talked about “why is that bad” is that it’s not always easy.
  • Modified cash is likely the type of method that is going to remove some of those swings that we saw on the Profit and Loss statement with the cash basis.

This is a really interesting one and I think it lends itself really well to today’s conversation, because depending on the accounting method that you pick, you will be more or less attractive to buyers. Michael Jacobson is the Head of Product for the Xero Outbound Integrations team . He is responsible for overseeing the product development and strategy for Xero built ecosystem apps, integrating with some of the world's largest SaaS companies, like HubSpot.

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The modified cash method gives you visibility without the administration. The best of both worlds to run a more efficient and scalable business. So I guess we keep coming back to this theme but visibility is incredibly important. And picking the right county method helps you achieve that level of visibility, without more administrative work on the back end. You get the information on a real time basis if you’re planning it out on the frontend versus doing the audit on the backend to see what’s going on.

It gives you some insight about whether your business is growing in an appropriate way year over year. You’re investing your time and your effort into it, just like you might invest dollars into the stock market. Your balance sheet helps you see whether you are or not.