With you, I didn’t have a purpose in life, it was an escape from the mundane and a sad life. The reality was that you caused those feelings within me in the first place. You have caused me to be a shadow of the person I was half a lifetime ago. I was not me when I used you, but a variation of somebody I thought I wanted to be.

And the guidance and support of addiction recovery professionals is why I remain sober today. Eventually, letter from the alcoholic I realized that I was wrong. You became the hardest relationship I have ever had to experience.

A break-up letter to alcohol

The year without you has made me stronger, wiser and finally become true to myself. The love I have found for myself has filled the void inside me. The wound which you had promised to heal, but only etched deeper. The choice was clear, I chose life over you — sobriety over suicide. I decided to listen to the voice inside me, to break free from our relationship and find happiness. Join a recovery support group of people just like you.

goodbye alcohol letter

“We are a band, but more importantly, we’re family. We’re proud to say that Charles has embarked on a journey to sobriety. You stopped being enjoyable a very, very long time ago. However, early on, you filled a void for me. You masked everything I hated about myself.

What is a Goodbye Letter to Alcohol?

I wish to live whatever life brings, with renewed hope, happiness, balance, excitement, and intrigue. I wish to accomplish the things I should have done half a life ago. I know the future can and will be exciting, but also a challenge, a challenge I will embrace and will face head-on. I have hope in my heart, and hope is a wonderful thing.

What are the 4 R's of grief?

Dr. Hoy and other counselors believe every good funeral includes these four R's: Recognize Reality, Remember, Reaffirm, and Release. Use these as a guide towards a “good goodbye.” The bereavement process starts with the recognition and realization that someone has died.

So, it helps to talk about the fun before the addiction took hold of life. This letter is very close to Step 4 of AA’s 12-Step Program. Part of Step 4 involves making a list of persons one has harmed https://ecosoberhouse.com/ by their drinking. In the letter, one may write about people harmed and how ashamed one feels for causing pain and suffering to others. The Rehabs.org helpline is free, private, and confidential.

Sobriety and Self Care

I think that is just a part of the disease, especially in early recovery. As a result, I know I have to leave you. I have tried to leave you in the past; however, every time I try to leave you behind, you simply come back stronger than ever before. I realized that the only way I could be able to leave you would be if I hit rock bottom first. The only thing is that I didn’t know exactly what rock bottom meant. How much more do I have to lose before I’m willing to leave you for good?

  • You know they don’t serve alcohol in the park.
  • She doesn’t judge me, get jealous, or fill my head with empty promises.
  • But at the time, it felt like you were a coping strategy that made sense.
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  • "We're proud to say that Charles has embarked on a journey to sobriety," their statement read.
  • You have been ever-present in my life; when I was happiest, at my saddest, through grief and struggles, always there at the biggest events in my life.

I don't miss drinking you at 8 a.m. In order to somewhat function first thing in the morning. I don't miss going to the liquor store and shaking so bad during checkout I could barely put my credit card in the card machine to pay.

"Being on the road with our fans is our greatest joy, so it was a hard but important decision to make," the statement read at the time. "For me, the biggest word I’ve been holding on to is gratitude, not pride," Kelley said via a news release. I guess I’m just feeling a lot of emotions now and don’t have my old friends drugs and alcohol to help me numb them or run away from them. When I think about drugs and alcohol, I get sad. I get scared because coming to rehab means sobriety and no more drugs and alcohol.

goodbye alcohol letter

For a while, everything seemed fine. We had a great relationship and you did exactly that. Ultimately, Kelley hopes sharing his story will help spread support and understanding for others.