best apps for tracking receipts

You may also explore some best expense tracking/management software for small and medium business Owners. Lastly, ensure that your scanner covers your whole routine after scanning your receipts. Your receipt scanner must be capable of effortlessly transferring scanned papers. A receipt scanner for your business may also assist your finance department. With digital receipts, they won’t have to hound employees to submit receipt claims. Whether you’re striving to manage your business’s finances, you must be aware of where your money is going.

They don’t automatically track your location or get information from you. You’ll earn more points if you opt in and choose to take surveys or share your location. Depending on your circumstances, you might even need to use multiple apps to customize your receipt-tracking system. Ditch the mountain of paper you’ve got stuffed in your filing cabinet.

Microsoft Lens — Best for Handwritten Receipts

Businesses or freelancers who’d like a free business card that integrates with the app would appreciate Expensify. Freelancers who primarily want to track expenses for billing clients will love FreshBooks because of its invoicing capabilities. For each expense, it’s easy to mark it as billable and pull it directly into an invoice for clients. Then, you can send out automated payment reminders until your reimbursement comes through. Dext Prepare is ideal for accountants, bookkeepers, financial controllers and other professionals who need to accurately manage financial documents. Do not overlook the safety of the storage facility you select.

best apps for tracking receipts

It will be challenging for employees to get reimbursement for their expenses if they lose their receipts. It's likely you won't find every feature you want or need in one of these apps, especially if it's free. Just starting the process of tracking your expenses is more than half the battle. A final option is to switch to paperless receipts wherever possible. For instance, you can greatly minimize customer receipts by using a credit card reader that works with your smartphone or tablet. From there, you can either text or email receipts to customers.

Expense Management

It’s hard to find an app-based receipt scanner with resolution to rival Expensify’s, but QuickBooks’ comes close. One of the most flexible ways to earn money by scanning receipts is with ReceiptPal. Unlike the other receipt scanning apps listed here, you earn points for each uploaded receipt. But it’s quietly making a name for itself in the world of expense tracking as well. With the Evernote Receipts app, you can store snapshots of your receipts and use them in expense reports for your taxes. We looked for receipt apps that offer several key features, including receipt scanning, automatic backups, and custom reports.

Whether you own your own business or you’re just trying to track expenses as part of your job, the following 10 apps will help you scan, track, and manage your receipts. The amount of earnings will be based on each app company payout process. Usually, receipt scanning apps don’t include local mom-and-pop stores. However, if you buy brand names, then you are in luck to scan away. With Wave’s receipt scanning app, you can snap a photo even when you’re offline. Just review your transaction info and approve it, and the receipt will automatically upload the next time you’re able to get online.

Which features should you look for in receipt-tracking apps?

So, which one of these top receipt trackers have you picked for your iOS device? Besides, let us know the features you want to see in your favorite expense trackers. “SAP Concur” is a full-fledged receipt and expense tracker for iOS. The app also allows you to scan a barcode for safety measure. Looking for a fast way to organize receipts and complete expense reports quickly? Here are some great options for Smartphones, Android or iPhone.

best apps for tracking receipts

To get started, download the Shopkick app (available for iOS and Android) to your smartphone and turn on your phone’s GPS within the app. NCP Mobile works a little differently than some of the other apps mentioned here. If that’s not enough, Pogo automatically finds savings on purchases and monthly bills. best apps for tracking receipts These points are redeemable for Visa gift cards, retail gift cards, or future grocery visits. To use Abukai, just snap a picture of your receipt using your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android phone. Abukai will save the image, alongside the category of your purchase, the vendor, the date, and other details.